deviating from the norm


These pieces are some of my quick sketches and favorite artwork that I have done. Most are pen and ink because that is my favorite medium. Some of them were also originally done in pencil and then gone back over with a pen.

You can get a life size view of these pieces by clicking on them.

Balancing Act

Drawing entitled Balancing Act

This is one of my favorite pieces and was one of the most fun to work on. The fact that you can really make the forks balance on two toothpicks end to end makes for a nice conversation piece. I used to have one sitting on my desk, just because I thought it looked impossible at first.

Balancing Act Actual Size

Night at the Omelet Shoppe

Drawing entitled Night at the Omelet Shoppe

While sitting at the Omelet Shoppe one night, I had nothing else to do while drinking my coffee, so I decided that I would draw my coffee cup and the sugar container. This is what I came up with.

I enjoyed drawing there so much that it has become a primary place to draw. Many other drawings here were done there.

Night at the Omelet Shoppe Actual Size

Hand of Doom

Drawing entitled Hand of Doom

This is a very interesting piece to me because I saw it in a dream. It was that scary of a nightmare that I was able to remember vividly this hand which was attached to a good friends arm in my dream.

The strange thing was that this friend and I had a falling out shortly after I had this dream. I never told him about the dream though. Thus the name 'Hand of Doom'.

Hand of Doom Actual Size

All Mixed Up

Drawing entitled All Mixed Up

This is a very strange piece in that I was really not in the mindset to draw that night. I just sat down and started sketching stuff. Then I decided to bring it all together to form a piece using circuits. I am overall very pleased with how this piece turned out.

All Mixed Up Actual Size