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This software is no longer maintained.

This software is a utility for controlling home automation devices based on the protocols for the CM17A Firecracker available from X10, Inc. Information on these devices and the protocols used can be found at https://www.x10.com. This software is to be considered alpha level software. Bugs could pop up anywhere.


Main Window Config Window
Screenshot of the Main Application window of GtkX10 Screenshot of the configuration window of GtkX10


Stable version: 0.1.3 - http://miscreation.net/projects/gtkx10/gtkx10-current.tar.gz

Previous stable version: 0.1.2 - http://miscreation.net/projects/gtkx10/gtkx10-0.1.2.tar.gz


This software is released under the GNU General Public License and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Please read the accompanying COPYING file for details on the licensing of this software and further warranty information.


Bug found in 0.1.1 - Segfault on startup after changing to Metal or Notif GTK+ themes. Fixed in 0.1.2


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